How Much Does It Cost To Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets

How Much Does It Cost To Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets

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Factors that may increase the cost include painting on the inside of the cabinets as opposed to just the outside or the project involves a larger kitchen with more cabinets which adds time to the job. Spraying cabinets enables the use of high-quality lacquer paint for more durability.

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Spray painting cabinets enables the use of high-quality lacquer paint for greater durability.

How much does it cost to spray paint kitchen cabinets. We have sprayed many kitchens of varying sizes and the majority of them are quote between 500 and 1000. Also cabinets can be sprayed in place without removing the doors drawer faces or hardware. The cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets starts at 381 – 841 per square foot but can vary significantly with site conditions and options.

Cost to spray paint kitchen cabinets Chris Botta owner of Affordable Cabinet Refinishing in Phoenix Arizona charges 38 per linear foot of cabinetry for spray painting cabinets. This is a significant difference from the 3000 average that the websites above have suggested. Most of the kitchen resprays we work on are priced between 600 and 1000.

If you have acrylic kitchen cabinets rather than wood the costs will be slightly higher as theyll need a special primer to prepare the surface for painting. If you go the spray paint route expect to pay around 40 per linear foot to do the upper cabinets and 80 per linear foot to do the lower cabinets. Areas with a high cost of living or those requiring finish removal can see totals reach 7000.

Standard total cost for these type of cabinets ranges from 3000 to 4000 depending on the size of the kitchen. Degreasing cabinet doors takes extra time and can effect the pricing and cost to have your kitchen cabinets painted and refinished. How much does it cost to spray paint kitchen cabinets.

If you budget circa 70 per cabinet youll be able to calculate a rough price for your project. The next step up in kitchen cabinet cost are preassembled and unfinished cabinets. To save money it is recommended that you clean and degrease your cabinets prior to painting using a degreaser that can be purchased at any local hardware store.

Itll cost you an average of 697 with a typical range of 382 to 1064 to paint your kitchen cabinets doors or other small indoor home project. Therefore for acrylic cabinets youll be looking at a kitchen respray cost of about 80 per cabinet or appliance facing and about 100 per larder facing. For more information check out Nick Mays blog The Real Cost of Cabinet Painting at the Walls by Design website.

That is far less than the cost of a new kitchen and the finish will last more than 10-years. Each kitchen is different but as a rule of thumb we normally say around 65 per cabinet multiple 65 by the number of kitchen cabinets that need spraying. Your total cost will depend on how big your kitchen is and any other project costs you might have.

On average a typical kitchen will cost between 500 and 1200 depending on the size of the kitchen and once sprayed the cabinets will last for up to 10 years. 68 per kitchen cabinet facings only. How much does it cost to spray paint kitchens and cabinets.

See typical tasks and time to paint kitchen cabinets along with per unit costs and material requirements. Kitchen with islands and utilitys cost a little more. Get fair costs for your SPECIFIC project requirements.

On average the total to spray paint all of your kitchen cabinets will be in the region of 600 to 1000. 200 – 400 This range is based on the assumption that youd need to buy all of the painting supplies listed above and 1-2 gallons of paint. Professional spray painting kitchen cabinets cost 35 to 95 per linear foot on average and creates a smooth finish.

The bulk of your budget comes from labor at 20 to 50 per hour. Youll pay 200 to 600 for supplies. Spray painting involves painting a clients cabinets in place rather than removing all.

As the name implies these come preassembled but require stain or paint to finish. Based on his survey of 85 contractors the average cost of cabinet painting across the country was roughly 4900. That said the estimated total cost of painting supplies for painting kitchen cabinets is.

Prices vary depending on the size style and finish of your kitchen. Small Kitchens start at around 850 Average Kitchens are usually 1250 Larger Kitchens usually cost upward of 1800 and obviously very large kitchens can be more. You can see a quick breakdown of our spray paint kitchen cabinets cost below.

This type of sprayer is ideal for kitchen cabinets because it creates a smooth. Conventional air sprayers can cost more than a thousand dollars so renting one may be the most viable option. Finished and stained stock cabinets can be purchased for a small.

Costs vary based on several factors but for an average kitchen expect to pay at least 1200 to 6000 for painted kitchen cabinets.

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